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BRIAN KENNEDY Director, National Gallery of Australia (1997-2004)

It gives me great pleasure to commend the Australian Watercolour Institute's 75th anniversary publication, and to join you in celebrating the achievements of this important artistic society.

The Australian Watercolour Institute has survived and flourished over the past seventy-five years because of the straightforward aims of the society. It has promoted and exhibited the best watercolour painting in Australia, and has demonstrated the unwavering determination of its membership to uphold the aesthetic importance of watercolour as an artistic medium. The institute has been successful in these aims on a national basis and more recently, internationally also.

The art of watercolour painting remains one of the most vital areas of artistic production in Australia. Watercolour has been alternately lionised and vilified according to passing fashion. The medium and its practitioners are fortunate indeed to have been nurtured and given continuity of representation by the Watercolour Institute. This web site both continues and documents this critical support, and I congratulate the Institute on its initiative and wish it continued success.