3 AWI Members awarded Shanghai Watercolour Biennale prize.

Congratualtions to members Alvaro Castagnet, Emeritus President Brian Stratton OAM and Joseph Zbukvik for their recent major successes at the 2010 Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition.

Each is one of 15 international artists to win the main acquisitive prize of $AUS5,000 as well as a 5 day free trip for two to the opening of the Biennale on 15th April 2010 in conjunction with Expo 2010 Shanghai.

The winning paintings become part of the permanent exhibition at the Quanhua Watercolour Art Gallery.

A quote from one of the judges Nicholas Simmons:

"Nearly all of the major names in watercolor worldwide have entered this incredible show, and I have been here the past week reviewing hundreds of the 2500+ entries making selections and giving awards with the other judges, Ong Kim Seng (one of the most legendary living watercolor painters), David Taylor (renowned Australian artist), David Paskett (Pres. Royal Watercolor Society), and several of the top art officials of China. I cannot discuss the awards at this time, several of which went to artists we all know, but I should say the level of work by the Chinese artists -- nearly all of whom are unknown in the west -- is astonishing."

More details will be published on the biennale website at : www.shzjjwatercolour.com

2 of the winning works are shown below:

"Headland Driftwood - Crookhaven" by Brian Stratton

"Overview" by Alvaro Castagnet
a painting of Calle 18 de Julio, downtown Montevideo