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AWI Membership

Founded in 1923, the Australian Watercolour Institute is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious watercolour society with both a national and international membership.

Membership of the Australian Watercolour Institute is by nomination and election at the AWI Annual General Meeting.

The pre-requisite for membership of the Australian Watercolour Institute is to be hung in our annual AWI exhibition. There are two ways this can occur:

The first is to be invited as a guest artist.

The second is to have work selected as a non-member artist.

During the final days of the annual exhibition, an AWI General Meeting is held and nominations for membership are called. All guest artists and non-members whose works have been hung in the annual exhibition are eligible.

As of 2012, non-member artists are required to submit on CD-ROM digital images of three recent works in watercolour/water-based media for pre-selection by the AWI Executive Committee. These digital images must be a true and accurate representation of their paintings. The digital images must be of original works completed during the last two years and should reflect the technique, art and spirit of watercolour. Pre-selected works will be subject to final selection for exhibition by the AWI Executive Committee based solely on the quality of the submitted original, framed watercolour paintings. Artists whose works have been pre-selected will be contacted by phone.

Those non-member artists invited to hang in the annual AWI exhibition will then be asked to present at the AWI General Meeting all three paintings submitted on CD-ROM, which must be framed, and a current CV. Members attending the AWI General Meeting will only nominate from those non-members who make their three framed works and CV available for assessment.  Candidates are required to submit a minimum of three framed works in watercolour/water-based media, which have been executed within the last two years, and a current CV.

Members carefully review the quality of the framed works submitted by each nominated artist and subsequently vote by secret ballot. Only those members in attendance at the Annual General Meeting are eligible to cast a vote.

Candidates who receive over half the number of votes from those in attendance at the AWI General Meeting are then invited to join the AWI.

This membership process is designed to maintain the highest perceived possible standard.

General information for non-members who wish to submit works for selection in our AWI annual exhibition can be found here.

For further information, please contact AWI Secretary, Chris Casali, here.

Download Entry Form here.